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1) I'm not surprised. I have interacted with a bunch of schizophrenic people. These people are so different from "normal" people.

2) Also I suspect that other mental illneses are somewhat over-diagnosed e.g. depression, adhd, autism. People who are on the left side of the bell curve for happiness, attention, social skill are probably often falsely diagnosed with the above mentioned disorders.

Not so with schizoprhenia probably. Hallucinations isn't a bell curve. Normal people don't have them at all. So people diagnosed with schizophrenia really have severe mental problems which won't simply go away after some time

3) I'm not sure that schizophrenia is more common among lower classes cause of schizophrenic people being downwardly mobile (which is true). IIRC I remember reading feritlity of schizophrenic people is pretty low. Low IQ people are just more prone to develop schizophrenia than high IQ people (iirc this is also Greg Cochran theory). So ofc it't occurs more often in the lower class

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