Whenever people try to argue immigrants aren't a net cost they usually use these tricks:

1) Disproportionally count prime age working years. Pretend they never one day need a pension or have to have their kids educated.

2) Call the descendants of immigrants natives (as a technical question of citizenship in a birthright citizenship country this is true, but we all know its trying to hide the ball).

3) Mix high end immigrant groups in with low end immigrant groups, when we all know its the low end immigrant groups people are worried about.

4) Only count the most direct costs. Ignore things like that they pay $X towards education expense when the state spends $Y educating their children where $Y > $X.

The most obvious answer is that the performance of any immigrant group will probably resemble the performance of natives with similar average IQ. If your way off from that, somebody is playing with the numbers.

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I had come across a snippet of this data (these data) a while ago in the Economist. This analysis here is more in depth.

Now, are there grounds to believe the situation being any different in other European countries?

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It would be interesting (if possible) to see the crime stats adjusted for wealth level. At least in the US, that seems to have a notable impact on crime rates. I.e.: poor people of any race commit more crime.

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Wow! How clearly written… Imagine if this was front page and someone saw these numbers… Instead same handful that watch FNC and listen to talk radio, the literate ones will be exposed… But the entire world not just an esoteric subset (Kamela Harris) world watches ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and reads NY Times and WAPO

Old news… Goes back to late 70s early 80s… Daimler Benz importing Turkish labor etc…

Same issues growing in intensity with larger populations not assimilating… Immigrants permitted to demand their cultural norms… Same norms requiring their seeking work, security, civilization, welfare in West…

Same issues never obtaining relative importance in news… Systematically intentionally ignored for half a century

Same issue in 1975 as will be in 2025… Complete takeover by activist, socialist, propagandist press… A press brainwashed by complete takeover by radical liberal Marxists schools… Liberals controlling nearly 100% of speech… TV, Print, Movies, Music, Big Tech, throttling reality more year after year… Marxist propaganda Anaconda… Fear of not getting a raise, losing a job, fear of loosing customers in boycott, fear of being called racist or un woke and being unwelcome socially at the market, private school or country club

Great story… Bet there is a similar one, early 80s Germany and the author was called a Fascist, an extremely bad apple in today’s basket of deplorable

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doesnt matter if the inferior non whites cost the danes 45 trillion an hour they will not stop the invasion

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Water is wet.

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"MENAPT" is a weirder term than "MENA". Pakistan may be a Muslim country, but it's South Asian and more sensibly lumped in with Bangladesh than any part of Africa.

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This data is misleading in that many of the “less remunerative” nationalities of immigrant do the hard physical work that allows Danes and “more remunerative” immigrants to hold high-end jobs. Poor immigrants slaughter Denmark’s pigs and pick its fruit and vegetables so the creative class can focus on Danish design. Poor immigrants take care of Denmark’s elderly so their children and grandchildren can build and show PowerPoints to their consultant clients. Just because immigrants work in low wage jobs doesn’t mean they have no value to the society.

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